Heater control valve

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Heater control valve

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Im curious about the small valve that secures to the left of the heater core box that has two nipples for vacuum hoses. It has a tiny brass needle in it and when the heater cable is operated it opens this vacuum valve the the heater supply valve on top of the block. Only a minute amount of vacuum can pass through it ...is this normal? is it enough to operate the valve with the bimetal spring?

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Re: Heater control valve

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That valve is the Heater Temperature Regulator (p/n B5A 18502-B) Valve and it is used to control the Heater Control Valve on the intake manifold. If the valve is working correctly and assuming that there aren't any vacuum leaks elsewhere than it should control the Heater Control Valve with no problems.
The system can be problematic at times and the T-Bird parts suppliers offer a manual heater kit (CASCO p/n 18495MK) that makes the system more mechanical and does not depend on any of these valves or vacuum. It is a good option if your car is not a show car.
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