66 Landau Front Disc Brake Chatter/Groan

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66 Landau Front Disc Brake Chatter/Groan

Post by fly.rodn »

My 66 recently developed a brake chatter/groan when applying the brakes just as it gets to the last few feet before a full stop.

I’m not hitting the brake pedal hard but a normal pedal pressure at a stop sign or red light. There is no vibration in the steering wheel when this happens.

Checked the manual and it references the rotor. Not exactly what to look for so any suggestions is appreciated.

Thank you all

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Re: 66 Landau Front Disc Brake Chatter/Groan

Post by dgalietti »

Are you sure it's coming from the front? If you are and you are getting a vibration.. Then look for boycotting on the rotors, fluid contamination on the rotors or pads. Cracks in the rotors, uneven wear on the pads. Most of the things I Can think of,you would see right away. I would be leaning toward a leaky caliper.

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