1965 air condition

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1965 air condition

Post by ShirleyBird »

On my 65 landau the compressor is frozen. How do I test to see if the clutch might still be good. Also how do I know if it’s a York or tecumseh compressor? Are they a pain to change out?

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Re: 1965 air condition

Post by jtschug »

First the easy part. The York has an aluminum body and the Tecumseh has an iron body, so just check if a magnet sticks to it and it will tell you. Functionally they are interchangeable. One is obviously heavier than the other.

On my compressor, rust had built up between the magnet and the pulley, so the shaft would not turn, but after I removed the clutch, the compressor itself was not frozen. So separate the clutch and the compressor and evaluate each separately. I switched over to R134a, so I sent the whole thing to Vintage Air for a rebuild and new oil. They replaced the magnet and rebuilt the clutch. There are also new York-style compressors for sale a little less than the cost to rebuild.

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