Replica license plate

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Replica license plate

Post by thessler »

There is a company that will emboss a new vintage looking license plate with any number or letter you designate.
I found a combination I like for my 56, but the company stresses that they are not official plates but a very good replica.
Does anyone use these on their car ?
They look pretty good.
Thanks, Tom

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Re: Replica license plate

Post by ICON 1956 »

There are several company's that make replica license plates, (On E Bay) I would check with your state license laws what is allowed. I have seen old vintage license plates at car shows. What I was told that you need to have the I D card with the original plate in the car.
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Re: Replica license plate

Post by CSavaglio »

Every state has different regulations. They're usually posted on the specific state's DMV website.

In Colorado, you can use year of manufacture plates...older plates had the year printed/embossed on them. There are a lot of rules that go with it...has to be a legit, actual license plate (not a reproduction), the plate can't still be tied to another car, the number can't be tied to another car even with a newer plate, etc. Then for driving it can't be used for regular driving, i.e. only to/from official shows, parades and the like. The DMV correlates the vintage plate with your actual plate in their system, so if a cop runs the number, it ties them all together. You have to keep the modern issue plates in the car. There were other rules, but it's been a couple years. I had a set of '69 plates to use on a Vette and it ended up being more hassle than it was worth. I think I went thru the paperwork (forms and affidavits) but taking the plate on/off wasn't worth the little '69 in the corner.

If you want to get them and just put them on for shows, it'd be fine, but I don't think any state is going to let you run reproduction, non-state issued tags. A call to the DMV will tell you.

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Re: Replica license plate

Post by Alan H. Tast »

Highly illegal and should not pass DMV scrutiny. That being said I'm aware of a person that somehow slipped a poorly made repop "personalized" plate through Nebraska DMV for a '62 Fairlane that didn't use correct materials or stampings. Ok for display but not for registration. I do use YOM plates on all my cars that have to be vetted by Nebraska DMV then have a sticker applied to them to let law enforcement know they're legitimate.
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