Pink-Resistance Wire

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Re: Pink-Resistance Wire

Post by MN63Tbird » Sat Oct 12, 2019 6:11 pm

After trying to figure out what the correct combos are for ignitions on our 12 Volt 8 cylinder cars the following seem to be the ones available. The system resistance is an important selection on setting up the ignition system. The pink resistance wire is located under the dash connected to the ignition switch module. The Ballast resistors are usually connected to the coil mounting bracket. Ballast resistors come in different resistance values.

Original Ignition system with points
1.4 ohm pink resistance wire from ignition switch and 1.5 ohm coil

Pertronix ignition system- 1.5 ohm total resistance preferred
1.5 ohm original points style coil
1.5 ohm Flamethrower coil

Accel and Mallory ignition system 1.4-1.5 total ohm system ballast resistor is preferred
0.8 ohm ballast resistor and 0.6 ohm coil Flamethrower II
1.5 ohm coil Flamethrower II or 1.4 ohm Accel 8140 coil

The one that I am not as sure on is the pertronix. Some instructions indicate that a minimum of 1.5 ohms is required but does not mentioned any maximum which brings in can you still use the resistance wire.

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