55 triangulated 4 link rear end

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55 triangulated 4 link rear end

Post by RMF64 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:50 am

Hi All

I'm doing a ground up rebuild of my 55 and am adding a triangulated 4 link rear end.

I have purchased a kit from Jonny Laws because they said it was bespoke for the 55, but looking into it deeper, it looks like a generic kit that will take a little bit of "fitting".

I have the ride tech instructions which seem pretty easy to follow, so THINK I will be OK with the fitting, but anknowledge from someone who has actually done this would be very much appreciated.

I intend to get rid of the rear leaf springs and go for some coil overs mounted to the existing shock top mount with some strengthening of the chassis cross member.

Has anyone done this?
What spring ratings would work? The ride tech site suggests about a 150-175lb/inch spring
Is there any issue with the cross member taking the weight and shock?

Any help and advice very much appreciated


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