WTS Rear bumper, unsure of year, located in Butler PA

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WTS Rear bumper, unsure of year, located in Butler PA

Post by Buymybumper » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:02 pm

I have no idea what year car this infernal thing came off of. I'm not even 100% sure that it's from a Tbird, but my research leads me to believe that it is. The previous owner of the house I bought who I've never had personal contact with left it behind. It had some packaging with the following number on it: Tb02 C4sz 1790ga. I can't find any results for that number in a search online. If you can confirm that this is for a Tbird, and or what year range it is for, please inform me so I can add or edit that information to the listing.

It is in good overall condition, but it does have some pitting, and very mild corrosion, I don't deal with cars this old, so I'm not familiar with chrome, but I believe it needs re-chromed to look 100%. Based on the packaging, I believe this to be NOS that was never installed, but I have no way to verify that. The picture of the corner is the worst of the corrosion/pitting.

I'm asking for $300 or $375 shipped, payment through paypal.
I will be shipping through Greyhound as it's the only cost effective way to ship large items like this. Last time I shipped through them it took a month for the buyer to get his item..so be aware of that. It also costs more to ship directly to your house vs the nearest Greyhound station(In which case you have to go there to pick it up) hence why I gave 2 prices. I am also willing to deliver/meet in person as well, the most I am willing to drive is about 5 hours with money for time/gas/tolls to be negotiated.
I prefer to be emailed directly, as my only reason for joining this forum is to sell this part so I won't be checking back regularly:

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Re: WTS Rear bumper, unsure of year, located in Butler PA

Post by fordrodsteven » Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:54 pm

Yes it is a Ford Thunderbird bumper. C4Z prefix determines it to be a bumper for a 1964 Thunderbird. Good luck selling, I hope someone can use it.
Steve - 1955 Thunderbird

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