New member & Squarebird owner!

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New member & Squarebird owner!

Post by Brubs »

Evening everyone, just joined the forum but have been lurking and soaking up all the info and advice given to others here. Really an informative group! I thought I'd share some pics of my new Squarebird I just got about three weeks ago: Lucy.

I'm still learning about her and discovering she is full of surprises and needed repairs! One of her big requirements are the brakes which had to have all four cylinders replaced and new master cylinder, which brings me to a question: Are drum brakes really all that awful to leave on the car? In reading up online, you would think that they were the mechanical version the Devil ::? I'd love your thoughts. I have already gotten the drum system sorted out and am picking her up on Monday, but should I keep a front disc conversion in the back of my mind as an upgrade? I'm sure people have opinion on both side of the spectrum.
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Re: New member & Squarebird owner!

Post by redstangbob »

Welcome to the forum, you've got a sharp looking car :smile: Disc brake upgrades are a constant topic here, in my opinion the worry over drums is unwarranted. You know the type of driving you'll be doing, circle track racing is probably not being considered. If you don't push the brakes to a point of fading, they'll perform just fine. Do what makes you comfortable and if you convert keep all the original stuff, JMO Bob C
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Re: New member & Squarebird owner!

Post by ICON 1956 »

Congrats on the sharp Square Bird. Converting to disk is a great thought. These cars are very heavy. Things have changed through the years with so many cars and motorcycles on the road. Also the way people driving habits are so terrible. Enjoy and Welcome to the forum. Post often.....
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Re: New member & Squarebird owner!

Post by Joe Johnston »

Great looking Squarebird. I converted my 57 to front disks because #1) Little Bird linings are very narrow and fade quickly. #2) everything was still original and rusty so definitely needed replacement any how.

My 63 which may be heaver than your car, has the original drum brakes and they function quite well. Think of the millions of miles these cars traveled and they are safe. That said, Redstang is on the mark. Do what YOU are comfortable with. We do not know how well your brakes function, or do we know your normal driving circumstances. Drums will never panic stop from 80 mph like 4 wheel anti lock disks will. But then again, do you cruse on weekends at 80 mph in heavy city traffic??? Enjoy.
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Re: New member & Squarebird owner!

Post by Rusty57 »

Great comments about disc or drum and what has value to you.

A key point to remember is that any car will only stop as well as the tires will allow. If you have enough brake force to make the tires slide you have achieved the maximum braking force available with those tires.

In fact a sliding tire has less resistance to movement that one that is still turining. That is the principle behind the advantage of ABS. That system keeps the wheel just at the threshold of sliding.
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