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Hi Everyone-

I was recently made aware of two instances where a 3rd party emailed a member directly based on a Wanted or other forum post with a suspicious offering related to parting out of a collection due to health reasons and including pics of a car.

In general, use caution if you are not absolutely sure who you are dealing with.

Specifically, I would recommend that you NOT post your email address/phone/address on any forum board (or include in your signature). If a registered user clicks on a member's name, they should have an option to send an email or a private message through the forums. This is the best first line of communication for someone that you don't know because if the communication is suspicious, it can be reported and we have options to ban scammers.

If you post your email or other contact info on any of the boards, then scammers can completely bypass the forums and scam/phish you directly and we can do little to help or ban.

If you have any other tips/questions, please reply.

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Re: Cybersecurity

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I should add that the scammers/pfishers have also been going through 'wanted' ads going back to the beginning of this iteration of the VTCI Forum, which started in 2003. One person sent me an email for a 'Wanted' ad that I ran in 2003-2005! That immediately set off my 'crap detector' and made me suspicious. You may want to go through your old posts and edit them to delete email addresses, phone numbers or other contact info and, as Yoda recommends, let them contact you through the Forum's Personal Messaging system.
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