May/June SCOOP

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May/June SCOOP

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Just wanted to let everyone know the May/June SCOOP has been mailed to the Canadian members, of the VTCI. Watch for it.
I also wish to flag some info to all the FORUM members. Some stats to ponder.
There are roughly 4150 FORUM signed on attendees
There are roughly 875 PAID VTCI members, around the world. Of those PAID members, their membership dues, along with support from some vendors who advertise in the SCOOP, carry the total cost to provide the Web FORUM. Why not help out with joining the VTCI, your membership will support the site, and you will also benefit in receiving the BiMonthly SCOOP.
In this way, OUR CLUB and YOU can stay informed and have access to a diverse source of information.

Come on FORUM users, sign up as a member and give back to the Group!. When you sign-up, tell them RAVEN sent you!

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