Leaking power steering pump- 1956 312

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Jim G
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Leaking power steering pump- 1956 312

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Good evening all— Well I had my mechanic friend change the filter and fluid in my power steering reservoir -And new belt. Now it leaks badly from under side of reservoir And outlet line on pump “band joe” fitting seals. I have ordered a seal kit from MAC that’s due here tomorrow. CAN I REMOVE THE RESERVOIR COVER BOLT AND THAT LIFTS OFF FOR ME TO PUT NEW SEALS UNDER IT- and remove the pump line fittings to reseal -WITHOUT REMOVING THE PUMP FROM THE ENGINE ATTACHMENT?? Thanks in advance— And I guess It isn’t all that difficult to remove if I must. And the reservoir sits tilted inward a little bit too- Not level- maybe to short of drive belt? I have seen this on a few other Birds too.
Also with all my high flow water pump and thermostat install complete- she runs abit warm when idling along - like in the ice cream Carry out order line up.??!! And only a 78 degree warm day.. Any thoughts about that? One Bird owner in our Club said maybe timing is off but it runs good and no pinging..?
Thanks in advance—- Jim G

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Re: Leaking power steering pump- 1956 312

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Try a 1" longer belt to make it sit flatter. The belt mentioned in CTCI texts makes the unit sit with a tilt down towards the center which may be "correct" but to my eye does not make it look good.

Wish I could help w/ the over heat; could be a host of things.

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Alan H. Tast
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Re: Leaking power steering pump- 1956 312

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Bite the bullet - remove the pump with the bracket attached to it - and redo the seals on a workbench. JMHO.
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Re: Leaking power steering pump- 1956 312

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Did it leak before the belt was changed?
A longer drive belt will make the reservoir sit at more of an angle. You would need a shorter belt to make it sit more leval.
If fluid is leaking out of the cap from sitting on too steep of an angle, new seals won’t help.
As for over-heating when idling, you may not have any flow of coolant when the engine is idling.
Do you have the original spacer behind the water pump? if so you should replace it with Chris’s high flow spacer.
Good luck
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Re: Leaking power steering pump- 1956 312

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What was used for replacement fluid? If Power Steering Fluid was used, that may be the cause of the leak. Ford used ATV. Power Steering Fluid has a different composition and can cause leaks where none existed before.
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