Where is the earliest EXISTING 1964 Thunderbird

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Where is the earliest EXISTING 1964 Thunderbird

Post by RAVEN »

I know that in the THUNDERBIRD REGISTRY that Cody Burch filed the paperwork to show that the VIN 4Y83Z100001 existed, but is unknown and only verified by documentation. BUT what and where is the earliest still existing mobile 1964 Thunderbird?
I know that a list exists that was compiled of VIN numbers, but am unsure if that list tells if they are of functional cars.
As of today I found a 64 Bird which can compete for the honour of being the EARLIEST STILL EXISTING 1964 running car, which just came out of long term storage, with a VIN of 103808.
Can anyone of the longer term library members (Alan T, Jim M, Jim W..VTCI Records?.......) let me know. I have a few pictures of this car and they give some interesting production running changes. I will need to go back for further documentation, if needed, but owner is a little difficult to contact with, and is not open to viewing, nor want to restore the unit.

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Re: Where is the earliest EXISTING 1964 Thunderbird

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It's been a LOOONG time since we're ran a list of highest/lowest serial numbers in the Scoop - it used to be a regular feature in the mid-'70s through the '90s, but after I stepped down as Scoop editor in the mid-'90s and moved on to bigger and better things, it took a back seat to other efforts, especially since emphasis on VTCI Owners' Surveys and submittal of them by members dropped off in the age of the Internet. And, with career consuming more of my time now than ever, keeping up with postings of VINs and such has been put aside so that I can do things like eat and sleep.

I'll have to look into my database when time permits to see what I have recorded as I try to ID what the entry's status was at time of logging in, but as always more updated information is always welcome.
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Re: Where is the earliest EXISTING 1964 Thunderbird

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The Earliest known 1964 Thunderbird known to exist, at least in the Thunderbird Registry is 100047 and was last known to be in PA as of 2012.

http://tbird.info/registry/Vin_Sorter_v ... Y87Z100047
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