Very Frustrated!!!

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Very Frustrated!!!

Post by artyc264 »

I joined this site for great tech tips. When I receive the totally incorrect information, I get VERY frustrated. I hope to find another website with guys who have spot on advice. Good bye, Arty
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Alan H. Tast
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Re: Very Frustrated!!!

Post by Alan H. Tast »

Wow, Arty - 8 posts alone from the guy wanting an instant answer to which jtschug gave the best response in the 4th - replace the brush assembly if the wire broke at the housing. Some parts simply cannot be repaired and need to be replaced. I don't see how that's wrong advice - it's simple, common sense.

And now for my commentary. Impatience in expecting an immediate response is something I've been seeing more and more in these days of Google, smart phones and 4G connectivity. People like myself are involved with this as a hobby (BTW I get no salary for what I do here. I've been at this since the '80s and online since we started our Forum in the mid-1990s), and some times it may take a few days for someone to provide a response. In my situation, I have a career that places high demands of my time - sometimes I can't respond to questions or research responses for several days due to professional commitments or other demands on my time. Sometimes I can be "Johnny-on-the-spot" with an answer. Sometimes people provide answers or offer suggestions that might be incorrect, and usually they're followed up by others to make corrections. Remember, you didn't have to pay a fee to enroll in this Forum, and as such we aren't obligated - nor in a position - to offer "immediate gratification" to those wanting an answer, especially to those whom are not vested members in VTCI.

VTCI currently provides access to this Forum to non-VTCI members without a subscription, members-only services with passwords or the like and allows non-paying members to use and participate on it. I would like to find out where there is a better message board than this one in dealing with Thunderbirds that doesn't impose restrictions on access or usage, especially with over 17 years' worth of articles, posts, etc. which are accessible by typing a few words in our 'Search' function. This should be a wake-up call that without that support of members and advertisers, access to all this wonderful "free" information generated over the past two decades can be flicked off like a light switch if VTCI can't pay the bills for use of - and access to servers and other expenses associated with a website and message board such as this. And, in this era where Facebook-hosted "free" pages and such are overrun with ads and pop-ups, we have been diligent in attempting to keep from resorting to such extraneous revenue sources to keep this page up and running. Hopefully we can continue to do so going into the future.
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Re: Very Frustrated!!!

Post by john6t6 »

Great post Alan. Thanks for stopping by arty
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Re: Very Frustrated!!!

Post by dgalietti »

"Totally incorrect information" is a bit subjective when it comes to these cars.

People share their personal knowledge and experience.. what has worked and not worked for them.
When repairing, restoring, modifying, or any combination of these things on a 54+ year old people often times have to settle for an imperfect solution to problems that they come up against.

This board is a great resource, with some great people.
Sometimes it may take weeks for an answer that wasn't much help.. . but that's just part of the deal when you've got a bunch of people coming together online in their spare time doing their best to keep these cars on the road.

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El Leon
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Re: Very Frustrated!!!

Post by El Leon »

Here, here. Classic cars aren't rebuilt through google searches and youtube videos entirely. Arty hit the nail on the head on just about every aspect of his post!

It's a long slog if you don't have a technical/mechanical background. You'll learn more along the way with an open mind and willingness to invest some time and effort along the way.

It's incredibly easy to have a stalled car project under a tarp in your side yard for the next 10+ years!
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