hi temp sealant

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hi temp sealant

Post by Ridgeline »

Reference: What's The Best Way To Glue Down Hood Insulation Pads?
I am researching hood pad adhesives, I came on a thread in your club forum that caught my eye.

http://www.vintagethunderbirdclub.net/p ... php?t=9903

I had a 62 or 64 hardtop convertible back in "68", does that count as qualifying, hahah.
But seriously, I have just bought a new Honda Ridgeline, it is an awesome vehicle, but the hood aluminum hood "flutters really bad at high speeds. I found that it is a problem with the Ridgeline and Pilot and maybe other models.
I stopped at the local Honda dealer today and talked it over with the service manager.
I had dug up a Honda service bulletin this morning "Service Bulletin 17-083" and presented it to him when he started hedging about it was not a big deal. The Service Bulletin was short and sweet, "Adjust the hood edge cushions to slightly touch the hood while still maintaining proper hood alignment. Inspect the adhesive between the hood skin and the support structure. Apply 3M ULTRAPRO Autobody sealant between hood skin and support structure if needed"
He said that he had applied the "3M ULTRAPRO Autobody sealant" to his own car and that the 3M ULTRAPRO Autobody sealant didn't hold up to the florida heat.
I never take "it can't be done" as an answer and did a google search on high temp sealants/aluminum/insulating pads, and stumbled on to your forum and specifically, a discussion on gluing the hood pads to the hood. I realize that the hood is now aluminum , unlike the "Bird" but if anything, I would think that the aluminum would grab better than steel so that tells me that the problem is the adhesion to the pad in the "florida heat" hahaha - good excuse from the stealership don't you think?
Anyway, I'm looking to get some feedback, opinions, ideas of what sealant might work better than the Honda mandated " 3M ULTRAPRO Autobody sealant"
I am of age to have been around the block a few times, and I suspect that members of your club are in the same predicament, lol.
But i suspect that there is a lot of experience and knowledge in a club such as this one.
My bird ended getting trashed by my brother when I was in the Nam, it ended up in the bone yard.but I didn't.
Thanks for considering my request to join your club.

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Re: hi temp sealant

Post by RAVEN »

Its funny to think that you do not remember what year your Hard Top Convertible was. Be it a 62 or a 64, the two years were Unique and Different. hahaha.
Its strange that a Corporation like HONDA and their level of technology have not perfected a method of adhesion for their hood pads, where companies like FORD, GM and Toyoda have LOL.
Have you tried any of their dealerships for information.
If you polled every member within our Club, I think you would find that there is many varied answers, but would be narrowed down to a contact adhesive product or a trim adhesive product. hahaha
Glad you appreciate the fact that we as members have been around the block, and as yet, are not in the bone yard. LOL
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