Positive feedback for SMS Auto Fabrics

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Positive feedback for SMS Auto Fabrics

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I was very happy with the seat covers that Tom Ames of Original Auto Materials made from my ’66 TBird convertible, but not so happy to learn that he had retired and sold his inventory of NOS material before I was able to have him make covers for my ’68 TBird coupe. The only other option I could find for factory-original material was SMS Auto Fabrics, but the on-line reviews were terrible; mostly complaining about poor customer service and impossibly long delivery times. Fortunately however, I found them to be very responsive in answering my questions and sending me material samples which exactly matched my old seat covers, carpets and vinyl top. They assured me that while it will take some time, they could replicate my covers and carpets if I would send them my old ones to serve as patterns since they did not have patterns for the ’68 TBirds. I sent these in early February, and received the vinyl top material within a month. The new carpets, which were actually fabricated by Auto Custom Carpets, came to me on within a couple months, and the new seat covers arrived in May. It took some time before the local upholstery shop could find suitable seat foams and install the covers, but the finished product was almost perfect. Needless to say, I was more than a little relieved, and would gladly rate their work and customer service as 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5.
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Re: Positive feedback for SMS Auto Fabrics

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That's good to hear. I would like to learn more about what you went through with the fabrication and installation of the seat covers - that sounds like the basis for a future Scoop article since there's a lot of ground that needs to be covered on the '67-newer generations.

Q: Did they get you the correct Cayman/alligator grain material for the top and in the wider width to go out to the edges of the roof?
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