Front wheel clearance issue

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Front wheel clearance issue

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I recently replaced upper and lower ball joints and wheel bearings on my 62 coupe. Since then, with the same stock wheels, drums and tires, the rims are contacting the upper control arms on turns. There is no past collision damage, arms are not bent, and it didn't rub before replacing the parts. The ball joints came from the internet, and the wheel bearings from a local parts store. My questions are, are the upper ball joints left or right only causing this clearance issue, or may I have gotten poor quality upper joints? Also is it possible that the inner wheel bearings be too narrow allowing the hubs to be closer to the control arms? The drums are not contacting the backing plates. Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: Front wheel clearance issue

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There could be different sinarrows about the parts you acquired from the internet, One could be the ball joints could be from China, What manufacture made the bearings. Repops can cause a lot of damage because the material they were made from. It's best to search our Advertisers (parts) they have the knowledge and also the right part to assist you.
For your year of Thunderbird I would suggest calling these catalogs.
Birdnest 971-233-9000
Pat Wilson parts 1-888-262-1153
Concours Parts 1-800-722-0009
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