Oil fuel additives

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Oil fuel additives

Post by Steven64 »

I’m new to the classic car world. I have a 1961 wondering is it a good idea to add oil and fuel additives. If so what do you use. Thanks
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Re: Oil fuel additives

Post by Cliff Rankin »

Ok , I’ll throw my 2 cents in the hat. I’m an old mechanic who’s toy happens to be a 63 bird. Yes I have a 64 and other toys and equipment. I’m in TEXAS .I Don’t put any crap in the oil or coolant. As far as the Fuel , I have found the 390 ‘s for
The most part do ok with the gas and ethanol mix. I have not found the need for lead additive or fuel stabilizer.
But I have had from time to time a fuel (boil over ?) with the heat when parked at the store. But this has been relatively minor. Overall my advise is , I don’t care if you drive a t bird like mine or an everyday car Don’t put anything in the tank , you will do more harm than good. I will fight you all the way to the Alamo
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Re: Oil fuel additives

Post by bbogue »


If you search the forums for ZDDP you’ll find that most modern oils don’t have the amounts of zinc and phosphorous that our flat tappet camshafts require. Some add ZDDP to their oil, some use oils like Valvoline Racing Oil that have higher ZDDP.

Good luck.

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Re: Oil fuel additives

Post by GeoffInCarlsbad »

Hi: I have a 1961 with the 390FE in it. Runs pretty good for a 60 year old motor. I do not put any additives in the oil. But I have started to use an Octane Boost in my fuel about every other fuel fill. I do the same with a lead substitute about every other fill up. I have noticed a general improvement in my mileage (not much but a little) with the Octane Boost, along with a better cold start for some reason. I am unsure if the boost has anything to do with that, but the motor runs great, no pings, taps, or other abnormal noises, along with a little better pick-up and mileage.

for what it's worth, I have never experienced any harm in adding an octane boost or lead substitute to keep those valve seats happy.
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Re: Oil fuel additives

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When I had my 61 I use to add a gallon of Racing gas (100 octane is Octane Booster) cost about $10.00 a gallon,if you can find it where you live. I had a gallon of racing gas dedicated only to put after a fill up about 15 oz per 25 gallon tank. Depending the amount of gas you pump in the tank. Half of a US gallon holds exactly 64 US fluid ounces. measure accordingly. My car ran better no pinging , I use also use Shell's Rotella motor oil I now own a 56 T Bird and she is running like a fine tune machine. My 2 cents worth.....
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Re: Oil fuel additives

Post by 62roadster »

You can spend a lot of cash on expensive oil that contains Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate (ZDDP) but for the past several years I have been adding STP oil treatment in the BLUE (not silver) 15 oz. bottle to my oil changes; you can use your regular favorite oil and add the STP and get a good dose of Zinc for $2.88 at your local Wal-Mart! Just a suggestion, it works for me in my 390 M code,,,
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