Trying to wire to get started

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Trying to wire to get started

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So my current problem is that my 1960 thunderbird won’t start. Some background info is that when we bought it the ignition switch did not have a key so we just touched 2 wires together to engage the starter and the person before us also bypassed the ignition relay by putting a wire from the battery post on the ignition relay to the distributor so when we engaged the starter it would turn over and run perfect but would have to disconnect the battery in order to turn it off. Now we are trying to wire a new switch in. The problem is that when we go to turn the car over on the switch with the key there is power to the ignition coil that goes through the ignition relay but we get a flash of power to the starter but not enough for the starter to get engaged or even turn. So I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on if this could be a bad ignition relay or if we don’t have the wires hooked up to the switch correctly or what.
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Re: Trying to wire to get started

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From reading your post I would say that if you can cross at the solenoid from the start terminal to the battery terminal and the starter turns over and all you get is a
Flash when using the wire from the switch you have a bad
Connection , it’s failing with a load on it. Do you have
A basic wiring diagram ?
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