Waterless Wash

How to's when detailing your Thunderbird
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Waterless Wash

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I just discovered a great product for maintaining my '56 Thunderbird. Washing a classic car with water creates the risk of rusting, especially in areas which are out of reach where water can collect unseen. My car is stored in a garage with a CarCapsule Showcase and driven for Sunday drives on warm, sunny days. Still, contaminants in the atmosphere can cause damage to the paint requiring washing to remove them, so I only use a waterless wash on my car. This time of the year, pollen is a big problem in the area where I live. I have used several waterless washes, but recently, I tried the Ammo Hoseless Wash and really like the way it works on my car. It also leaves a measure of protection on the paint. I like waterless washes in general, but like this one in particular. I am not being paid to say this. I just wanted to share a product that I think will help preserve the car I love. After all, we don't own these beautiful cars--we are just stewards.

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Re: Waterless Wash

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OK, you have the hook in my mouth, and can feel you reeling me in!!!
How do you lift the soiled and fallout products that are all over your car without water to carry it in suspension?
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