Heater Core Removal, with photos...

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Post by 60fore »

If you don't trust a rad shop to repair your existing core, new replacements are available from T-Bird parts houses. They cost about a hundred bucks.
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Post by benelliman »

Desert bird wrote:Today I noticed a small green puddle on the passenger floormat -dang!

Thank You very much for taking the time to post images and notes on removing the heater core from an A/C car. I found the thread doing a search for heater core.

I'd like to replace it with a new core if they're available, otherwise I'll take my chances with a repair. I didn't have good luck when sending the expansion tank to a local shop for repair; it began leaking at the seam a couple weeks after the tube flange was resoldered.

Regards, jeff
they are available. they all cost around 100 bux + shipping.
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Post by Blunt »

Well I just removed my heater box thanks to the OP for the great pics. This is one of the crappiest jobs Ive done in a while. I was hoping the 2 rear screws holding the heater core were not present. This would have made it a simple job. but of course they were there. So the whole box had to come out. I have a heater core my father labeled "new 65 t bird brass" before he passed away.
I opened it up and its smaller dimensionally than the OE core labeled FoMoCo. it would go in and work but Im not comfortable using it and would like to purchased a new OE core. Any tips on where to find one??
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Re: Heater Core Removal, with photos...

Post by mviper13 »

Very nice writeup! Thanks!

I know this is an older thread, but does anybody have a lead on where to find these cores nowadays? I have a 65 with a bypassed core. After I pulled the heater assembly out and got the core out it was obvious it leaked at some point. My car does have AC. Macs is out, none of the other suppliers I've looked at have any and I have no radiator shops near me. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.

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Re: Heater Core Removal, with photos...

Post by Jim Wulf »

Bird's Nest has them.

http://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndet ... b&ukey=805

Often times the heater core is not the culprit and it's the heater valve instead. Check to make sure that isn't the real issue.

Don't replace the two screws in the back when reinstalling the box - not needed and you'll thank yourself if you ever need to get the core or valve out again.
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Re: Heater Core Removal, with photos...

Post by mviper13 »

Thanks for the link. Much appreciated!

Unfortunately, the site says it's on factory backorder until further notice (message pops up when you try to add to cart).

I am completely sure the heater core leaked at some point in the past. It has stains on it from coolant. I also pulled the valve and checked it just to make sure I didn't have any nasty surprises after the core replacement lol. The valve would be the easier part to find since the suppliers seem to be in stock.

I still have some work to do under the dash (on both sides) and I was considering not replacing those screws after the reading I had done on the subject. Those would not be the only fasteners missing on this car believe me. It's probably 20lbs lighter than stock just from the previous owner losing screws!

Thanks again.

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Re: Heater Core Removal, with photos...

Post by stubbie »

Go to a radiator repair shop and have a new core fitted to it.
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Re: Heater Core Removal, with photos...

Post by SBurney »

I had the same problem finding one recently-none of the usual sources had them in stock, and no idea when they would be available. The local shop wanted $300 to recore my old one. Luckily, I was able to get a new core from Bob Jursinski (440-967-7306). He’s a super nice guy, and he’s now the first (and often only) one I call when I need something.
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Re: Heater Core Removal, with photos...

Post by tbird »

You need to pressure test it.

This post should be in the 64/66 forum section this tech heading was created for mini tech solutions by the author to help members in performing the same work on their car if needed, not for posting questions.

Could the moderator move this post to the proper place please.
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