Pressure Testing a Radiator

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Pressure Testing a Radiator

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I finally broke down and bought a new radiator for my '65 from the Bird Nest. Since it was manufactured in China, I frankly didn't trust installing it to find out it had a leak, so I pressure tested it. I clamped on small sheets of rubber (from an old inner tube) to the inlet and outlet and put about 10 lbs of air through the drain plug. The rubber sheets blew up to nice balloons. I waited two hours and they still maintained their shape and size so all was well. Of course, if I had a swimming pool or large bath (which I don't), I could of immersed the pressurized radiator in water and looked for bubbles. Anyway, I thought I'd share this.
Radiator test 1.JPG
Radiator test 2.JPG
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