Eng oil pan gasket replacement

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Eng oil pan gasket replacement

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Discovered some tips that might help the next person replace this gasket. The manual covers it but doesn't give all the details.

The manual states you should turn the eng so that all the crankshaft components are up and out of the way but doesn't say what that position is. It's TDC (zero degrees).
In that position you will only need to remove the sway bar to get the pan out. No need to lift the eng or even loosen up the mounts.
Also, contrary to what the FSM says, you can leave the oil pump on. Just remove the pickup tube (2, half inch bolts) and you can pull the pan forward and easily drop it down.
The manual tells you to remove the entire pump and drop it in the pan but reinstalling it and getting the drive shaft from the distributor into position is a bear. It's also possible it will lose its prime if it's removed (have a story to share about this but I'm still too scarred emotionally to share it yet).
Trust me, it is much easier just to R&R the pickup tube. The gasket for it comes with the pan gasket set.

While your doing the pan gasket, it's a good time to replace the rear main seal (if it's older) and also the oil filter mount gasket (if it's leaking). The latter is always fairly easy to replace but accessibility is even better with the pan off.

Have to say, after laying under there for hours with oil dripping into in my face, I much prefer the taste of synthetic to dino. I don't think it burns your eyes as bad either. :black:


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