Placing Photos in Messages/Responses

Contains help topics such as posting photos to the forum
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Placing Photos in Messages/Responses

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The VTCI Forum was improved in approximately 2018 to provide for direct uploading of photos to be used in messages without the need to use a photo hosting service like 'Photobucket,' which previously had been the recommended place for linking photos to messages. VTCI invested a considerable amount of money in obtaining server space for VTCI members and VTCI Forum users to allow them to post photos and not have them 'disappear' like what happened when Photobucket started charging for its use. If you see instructions on how to use Photobucket to upload messages to the VTCI Forum, DISREGARD THEM - THEY ARE OUT OF DATE!

When you post a new message or hit the "Reply" button, a new screen comes up into which you type your message. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and you'll see two tabs under the "Post A Reply" box: One tab says 'Options' and the other says 'Attachments'. Open the 'Attachments' tab and click on the 'Add files' button. A new 'Open' window should pop up on your screen that resembles 'File Explorer' and show a listing of your computer's directory (drives, file folders) and individual files. Find the photo file you would like to upload, click on the file name so that it shows in the 'File Name' box at the bottom of the window, then hit the 'Open' button.

The 'Open' window will close and take you back to the 'Post A Reply' window - the 'Attachments' tab will expand and show the file name and a scale showing its uploading status - once uploaded the 'Status' symbol will change to a green dot with a check mark in it, and the line will change to show two buttons you can pick from - 'Place inline' to place the photo in your message within the text you're typing, or 'Delete file' to delete the file you uploaded. If you don't hit the 'Place inline' button the photo(s) will appear at the end of your message. A picture showing an engine bay should show up at the bottom of my response.

To place a file inline in your message, place your cursor where you want the photo to be positioned, then hit the 'Place inline' button. You should see a bracketed line of text show up that has attachment=0, the file name and another bracketed line of text with /attachment in it. I placed a photo inline of a '57 T-bird by doing this:
Photo placed inline of '57 T-bird
Photo placed inline of '57 T-bird
You can also add a caption to your photo by typing it in the 'File Comment' box.

The nice thing about how this Forum currently works is that you don't have to use a hosting service like Photobucket - the photos will reside on the VTCI Forum's server. It's very easy to do and adds a lot to the functionality of the VTCI Forum.

Yoda: you need to place these instructions as a 'Sticky' and delete the Photobucket-related instructions as soon as possible.
Photo of engine bay
Photo of engine bay
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Re: Placing Photos in Messages/Responses

Post by john6t6 »

Thanks for posting the info
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Re: Placing Photos in Messages/Responses

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Found posting a photo—- I think I need to write down A —Z to get my pics off my iPad to Forum.... JG
I think I did it.... JG
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Re: Placing Photos in Messages/Responses

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Sorry...I rarely actually read the forums so I just saw this and made it a "Global Sticky" so it should appear at the top of every forum now.

Thanks for doing the writeup.

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