Cowl Side Vent

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Cowl Side Vent

Post by GeeWhat57? »

The side vent door has a control rod PN 02128/29. The Ford Car Parts Catalog shows some sort of spring, PN 02152, that is in the same configuration as the rod. The parts suppliers show the spring in their drawings but do not have it available. What does it do? It appears to be slipped over the rod? It does not seem necessary. Help!
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Re: Cowl Side Vent

Post by T-Bird Bob »

Hello GeeWhat,
Looking at the picture:
I think this is just to preload the connection on either side. So the attachment is mad by a splint and washer outside, but nothing stops the rod from rattling around (just like the springs on rocker shafts that push the rocker arms outside towards the thrust surfaces of the rod mounting blocks).
Since rattling would not be acceptable on a personal luxury car, this is what Ford did.

Since it is invisible I would make something out of a series of ball-pen-springs - that will do.

(Beware, I am just guessing because I have a '55)

Have fun!


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Re: Cowl Side Vent

Post by voltron »

My parts book shows the spring you talk about as being used on only a '56 Bird. I looked a few lines back and they show two different part no's for the '56 and '57 control rods. Go figure?

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Re: Cowl Side Vent

Post by Paul T. Amick »

Hi, I was just looking at little birds on Ebay. There is a black 1957 E bird for $8,175.00. If you look through the individual pic's. There is a pic of the area you have described. Maybe that will help,or maybe you can call the guy. Just a thought. good luck

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