What parts interchange? '67 Q code, sleeper project

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Ken Buchanan
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What parts interchange? '67 Q code, sleeper project

Post by Ken Buchanan » Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:59 am

Hi folks.

Yesterday on the '67-71 page I posted that I am a new member here and that I have just picked up a '67 4 door. The car does have a 428, it was built that way as the 5 digit in the VIN is "Q". The car has no real rust, it has been in So Cal all its life but the last 20 have been spent sitting under a tree. Fortunately the past owner removed the vinyl from the roof so dirt and moisture were not trapped to rot through. Still though, door seals are shot/missing. Between that and vermin, the last thing you smell inside is that distinct "new car smell"!

On the one hand, restoring this beast (I call it Don Quixote) would be admirable but I can see building what the English call a "Q ship". Outwardly nothing looks unusual, a luxo barge for an old man. Come closer and very subtle hints show, like wider tyres even though the delux wherl covers are still present. The bucket seats are high back with integrated 3point seat belts and there is a shifter for a 6speed automatic rising from where an ashtray should be in the console. Lift the hood and the 428 is topped with Edelbrock heads, intake w/ port fuel injection from E and so forth.

At this stage it's more daydreams but I am penciling a punch list with dollar amounts to help me figure out which way to go.

As for the suspension, do these parts swap with a similar era Galaxie? Hotchkis has a kit for the '65-6 Galaxie that was designed for Jay Leno's Galaxie project and is available. The price is steep but I would like to have a car that handles, not one that I need to put rollers along the rocker panels to keep from scraping off.

I look forward to your ideas.

Thanks, Ken

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