1964 Thunderbird build

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Re: 1964 Thunderbird build

Post by paulr » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:22 pm

Would LOVE to see some photos of this build (maybe in a new thread of your own). That’s a heck of a lot of work; congratulations!

PS. At the bottom of the post screen there’s an attachment tab. Click that and from there you can add pic files.
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Re: 1964 Thunderbird build

Post by RedBird64 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:38 pm

Yes, pics please and if it's not too much bother, a sound clip of the exhaust. :mrgreen:

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Re: 1964 Thunderbird build

Post by wallyblackburn » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:29 am

crashchoate wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:11 pm
Something that I neglected to replace when I was getting new parts was the harmonic balancer. So after much discussion with my peeps I ordered a new one. If I remember correctly it did have some dry rotting in the rubber and maybe it’s causing the slight knock. The knock just doesn’t sound like its deep. So I’ll try and that see what happens. If that doesn’t work I’ll just go ahead and pull it soon.
Any updates?

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