Old Bird, New Build

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Re: Old Bird, New Build

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Not much progress on the Bird as I'm still fabricating the tow-able pig pen for the wife. I did do some research on my brake calipers and discovered that I have front GM metric calipers from 82 to 88 assorted GM products. And rear 87 to 93 FoMoCo from Cougar, Lincoln, Mustang. I obtained this information by reading the numbers on the brake pads (only readable when pads are new and have not saw any heat) and then doing an internet search on brake pads with those numbers. Then once I got a hit on which car those pads may be for, I typed that description into the search engine and pulled up images of the calipers belonging to that car then I compared the images I had of my calipers.
back sides of calipers.jpg
front sides of calipers.jpg
Armed with this information I can look into ordering wilwood multi piston replacements for the fronts, because the thought of using Chevy Cavalier brakes on my beloved T-Bird gives me the creeps.
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Re: Old Bird, New Build

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I'm really enjoying tracking your build and you're emotional investment into this project is fantastic!

You clearly state you aren't a pro welder but aim for proper penetration, well, you gotta weld with the stick you got, just get as much penetration as you can. She's going to be so happy to have extra cooling!

I went with the spendy brass 4-core radiator which lasted all of 50 miles before a telephone randomly took it out. Shame, what a waste of $$$.
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