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Tech Articles from Scoop

Post by losendos »

I've been reading the VTCI forums for almost a year now. It has helped me solve some problems on my car, and I enjoy reading about what others are working on. Even if I don't have their problem right now, I might someday. One thing I've seen as a response to peoples' questions is "This topic was covered in Scoop issue xyz". That would be great information if the old tech articles were available, but they're not, unless you're a long-time member who has saved all your old Scoops.

So, my first suggestion is to put the tech articles from the Scoop on a forum, at least the ones that were submitted digitally and are still on someone's computer somewhere.

After being a reader for several months, I became a paying member of VTCI. Sadly, the "Members-Only" forum was a disappointment, as there really isn't much useful information there.

So, my second suggestion would be to make the "Scoop tech article archive" that I suggested above, available only to members. This might even encourage people to renew their memberships. I've seen several notices lately trying to get existing members to renew. This might help.

Just a few thoughts. And yes, I'd be willing to help with this endeavor!
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Re: Tech Articles from Scoop

Post by SBurney »

I agree. I would even be willing to pay for a book or PDF format collection of scoop tech articles. They're edited, illustrated, and address real restoration issues. With all of the forum references to the articles I was surprised to find that they are unavailable. It seems like a wasted treasure.
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