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New items highlighted

Post by paul2748 »

On the old version, when a new thread was added or an answer to a previous thread was made, the color of the title changed to highlight that something new had been added. The new version does not do this. Would like it if it was as previous.
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Re: New items highlighted

Post by kevindeluca66 »

I agree. I also have not been able to find the "view posts since last visit" icon also. That is how I used to start every visit to the forum.If it is there please advise how to get to it.
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Re: New items highlighted

Post by Yoda »

The Icons to the left of each post are supposed to indicate what is new, active, etc. Unfortunately the default theme doesn't show the legend of what each icon means. If you hold your mouse over the icon it should popup a description. I plan to add the legend at some point.

Not sure why they dropped "View Posts Since Last Visit". Seems that has been replaced with "View unanswered posts • View unread posts • View new posts • View active topics" right above Thunderbird Forums.

Another major update will be replaced soon (next month or two) so we'll probably load that update before trying to customize the default theme too much. Otherwise we might have to do it again.

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