Valve Cover Bolts

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Ian M Greer
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Valve Cover Bolts

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Wanted, minimum of 2 to a complete set of 10 valve cover bolts with an R in the middle of a circle . ( Remember Not All Birds Fly South )Ian M Greer
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Re: Valve Cover Bolts

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Morning Ian, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
I read your post, and am looking to see what I have, even rusty ones, which can be blasted and replated. Hoping others may find also. Will keep you posted.

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Alan H. Tast
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Re: Valve Cover Bolts

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If memory serves me correctly, aren't you redoing a "M"-series car? If so, it used a different bolt/screw than the "Z"-code cars in that it had a smooth face on the head (the "M"s used a chrome-plated bolt/screw). The bolt/screw you're describing would be correct for a painted valve cover. Jim Wulf had a very good article on this IIRC (need to check my list of articles) in the Scoop in the early-mid 2010s and details about them on his web page. I thought there was also a thread here in the Forum about them, so I used the "Search" function to see what turns up. ... s+M-series

Jim Wulf's online book on the 63 M-series Roadster restoration he did should show them, too ... book-pdf-2
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