Great deal on a hardtop

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Great deal on a hardtop

Post by bluebird02 » Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:33 pm

Over the last 4 months, I have been looking to purchase a hardtop for my 2002 Thunderbird blue car. I almost purchased a yellow top last month for $1200, but decided to continue looking. That turned out to be a decision on my part. This past weekend, I just purchased a like new hardtop for my 2002 Thunderbird blue bird and I just wanted to share my good fortune with other bird owners.
I saw this ad on the internet for a Vintage mint green hardtop, with stand and cover. The picture showed a Blue hardtop, so I was slightly confused. I called and was found out that this was a car dealership and that the top had been left at the shop after a customer bought the car, but never returned for the top.
After several years the dealership got ahold of the buyer and he didn't want it, so they bought it from him and just wanted to get rid of it. Their asking price was $1000 for the top, stand and cover. I felt that was a fair/good price, even if I had to have it painted to match my cars color.
I inquired about the color difference and they again stated that to their knowledge it was stated to be a Mint green color. I decided to go and see this top for myself and decide if I wanted to have it painted.
Well, if Mint Green looks just like Thunderbird blue, I guess I lucked out. The top was thunderbird blue in color and in new condition with no knicks or dents and in great condition. As the salesman told me, it has just been taking up space for the last several years and they wanted to get rid of it. I left the dealership with a like new hardtop, stand and cover for $700. Considering that my car, when I bought it did not come with its original top, this was a great deal for me and its the same color as my car.
I'm glad I kept shopping around.

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Re: Great deal on a hardtop

Post by Eagle_Eye96 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:17 pm

You are very lucky! Do you have pictures of it?

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