How good is a 1996 4.6 T-Bird

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How good is a 1996 4.6 T-Bird

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Hello guys!!

First of all, i apologize for any bad english.

Im looking to buy a new, more comfortable car with a bit more power since i have a new job further away from home.

And i got an offer to trade in my old saab for a 1996 Ford Thunderbird 4.6.

How good are these cars? Reliability, mpg, speed, comfort etc?

Is there enough room for lets say me driving (6'5" tall), a rear facing childrens seat in the passenger seat, my other child (7 years old, about 3'11" tall as well as my wife about 5'11") in the back seat to ride in decent comfort?

Now that would rarely happen, but if?

My boss who has worked with selling parts for american cars since the 1970s claims the 4.6 is a bulletproof engine, and this generation t-birds are good cars.

The only faults with the car is that the fuel gauge shows full until there is about 3 gallons left in the tank and then it drops.
And also the lambda light is on.

But i need more opinions, mostly because my wife is against it haha!

Thanks in advance!
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