Registering for the forum is a simple process:

  • Click the button above that says "Forum" That will take you to the 'Forum'

  • then, click the button in the upper right corner that says register.

  • Enter a name (can be your own name or just a made up screen name) valid e-mail address (it will check) and a password. You may NOT enter any other information until you are registered and you get your confirmation email. Answer the question and submit your registration.

  • After submitting you will receive an e-mail confirming you have registered for the forum! You MUST receive and reply to that e-mail so make sure you register with your correct address. If you have a spam blocker or bulk mail area make sure you check it for the reply from the forum.

  • Remember your registration name and password, you will have to use it every time you log in, you can also click the 'log me in automatically" but if you delete your temporary internet files you will need to log in again. I DO NOT have access to your password and can not retrieve it if you forget/lose it. You will need to notify me so I can delete your current registration so you may re-register.


Terri McNeill
Publications Director, VTCI


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