Recommended Anti freeze

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Recommended Anti freeze

Post by goldwinghg »

I think I am going to flush my cooling system. What is the recommended brand anti freeze do I use?

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Re: Recommended Anti freeze

Post by ICON 1956 »

I use Prestone 50/50 mix antifreeze these are the facts on the bottle:
Color: Yellow Container Size: 1 Gallon Standards: ASTM D3306 and D4985 Formula/Technology: OAT Boiling Point 50/50 Mix (Deg C): 109 Degree Boiling Point 50/50 Mix (Deg F): 229 Degree Freezing point 50/50 Mix (Deg C): -36 Degree Freezing poinImaget 50/50 Mix (Deg F): -34 Degree Flash Point (Deg C): 104 Degree Flash Point (Deg F): 220 Degrees
The most important thing to read is the Flash point 220 Degrees these cars run hot during the Spring and Summer months. I have had no problems.
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Re: Recommended Anti freeze

Post by paul2748 »

Prestone, Peak or Zerex green/yellow are good brands. Wal-mart has their own brand which in my opinion is just as good - I use that.
If you get the 50/50 mix, you are paying a premium for the water. Buy the full strength and mix it yourself, 50/50. Don't use Dex-Cool
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Re: Recommended Anti freeze

Post by 55Greg&Amy »

If you mix it yourself, use distilled water or you can be adding unneeded minerals that promote rust.
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Re: Recommended Anti freeze

Post by tnswt12 »

All good advice from the various people that posted.

Investigate the other products, specifically the flush/clean products. I recommend draining enough coolant from the radiator and introducing the flush/clean products and run that for several trips and prior to your anticipated flush. If the timeline between flushes has been excessive, you may also want to consider replacing the thermostat at this time. I find that the 180 degree big mouth thermostat to work best for my car.

Consider removing the heater hoses at engine end and backwash/backflush the heater core too.

The cooling system in these cars is very important and something that should be serviced regularly. In my opinion, you can't do it too often.

I also am one that purchases the concentrated antifreeze formula and the distilled water as I feel I save money taking that approach.

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