Feeler: 1963 "Combo" Door Panels and "62" dash

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Feeler: 1963 "Combo" Door Panels and "62" dash

Post by stove » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:15 am

So here's my thought, I have a Pearl Beige interior 1963 Hardtop. About 3 years ago I pulled the dash, and converted it to the '61/'62 style dash by installing the '61/'62 REPRODUCTION dash pad. And as many of you may know, this also required I replace my original door panels with the T-Bird Parts House "Combo" door panels. I am not happy with any of this, and am planning to redo the whole job with Just Dashes in SoCal... I'll send them my door panels and purchase a '63 "core" dash to have them do up for me.

The parts are a 8 or 9 in condition, and are professionally painted with 100% CORRECT color (per Jim Wulf) for the 54 code Pearl Beige. I guess I'll put some photos on here if I remember to snap some next time I'm with the car.

So bottom line is, if somebody wants these three pieces, I'd let them go for $600.00 picked up (96002), or $800.00 shipped (Cont. USA). OBO

You would need to be somewhat patient, (a month/month.5 or so) as I will need to make arrangements to both, pull the parts from the car, and have a dead hulk of a car lying around until I get the bits back from Just Dashes...

The door panels will come, of course, with NO TRIM, only the Pull Cups.

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Re: Feeler: 1963 "Combo" Door Panels and "62" dash

Post by robbar1 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 4:09 pm

Pics please.

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