1979 VTCA National Meet - Tulsa, OK

Let the VTCI know what you would like to see done with these events. If you wish to be heard... here is your chance!
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1979 VTCA National Meet - Tulsa, OK

Post by Landaubirds » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:48 pm

Hello to all:

35 years ago, I was the Tulsa Chapter President when we hosted the 1979 National Meet. The club was called the VTCA then, before becoming the VTCI, and was for members owning 1958-1966 Thunderbirds. Larry Seyfarth of Dearborn, MI was the National President, and after the Tulsa Chapter hosted a successful Regional meet in the fall of 1978, he asked if the Tulsa Chapter would be interested in hosting the National Meet the following year.
We did a lot of planning and making arrangements, and provided an extensive roster of activities at the 1979 National Meet. For any members that were there and can remember - it was quite the production !

I still have dozens of b&w photographic proofs taken on the show field and at the awards dinner. I would be happy to put these in the hands of interested persons, if you can tell me what you are looking for.

Some of the highlights of that years National Meet were:
1) a hosted visit to the Ford Motor Co. Glass Plant in Tulsa
2) a hosted BBQ dinner featuring the locally famous Cleveland Farms BBQ
3) a hosted theater presentation following the BBQ dinner
4) Hospitality table, continental breakfasts, and show field parking private security
5) Saturday evening Dinner Banquet and Awards Presentation with National President Larry Seyfarth and National Concours Chairman Jim Dottling

Anyone with any questions about the 1979 National Meet is welcome to contact me through the forum.

Best regards, Glenn Donaldson ('57, '60, '61, '63, and 3x '66 Thunderbirds)

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