2002 Fuel Pump Driver Module / Ford Manual

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2002 Fuel Pump Driver Module / Ford Manual

Post by kjschaudt » Mon May 30, 2016 2:08 am

After replacing the blown spare, cleaning up the shards from the tire belts and installing a new battery, the 2002 Bird runs at most for 30 seconds. No measurable fuel pressure. Codes suggest possible problem with shorts, the Fuel Pump Driver module (FPDM), or of course the fuel pump. Bought the 2002 complete service manual on CD and have two problems.

1) cannot figure out where the FPDM is located and don't have a picture of it in the manual. The manual says that it is on the underside of the body which is how it is mounted on an F150. Given that it is in the trunk of a lincoln LS (and that I can't find it under the Bird), I'm guessing that the manual is wrong.

2) Wanted to check the wiring diagram before I started to run electrical tests on the Fuel pumps but the CD does not appear to have a wiring diagram that shows the fuel pumps. Figure F090-15 of http://www.askatech.com/askatechlive/aa ... k/f090.pdf shows the FP being connected directly to pins 11/12 of the REM. Is this correct? If so, where does the transfer pump fit in?

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Re: 2002 Fuel Pump Driver Module / Ford Manual

Post by bluebird02 » Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:08 am

After trying to determine myself the low fuel pressure issue, I had my complete fuel system worked on by my Go To mechanic and was told the module was bad and is located behind the seats behind the covers on the rear cabin wall. The covers just pull off and in the center area of the car behind the seats, should be the module. To be honest, at the point that they replaced my module and flashed it to my car, my car was in a shop, I tried to figure it out myself, but 2 new fuel pumps later, I had to take it in. So I did not see the exact location, but they told me that's wear it was located.
The module only let my car run for about 10 minutes and then it would die out, at max it was only producing 20 psi. Now it is working at 45 Psi with the new module. My mechanic stated that unless you have the Ford dyno. machine, it is almost impossible to actually pin point the fuel problem. After several weeks of diagnostics on the car, my mechanic felt it was the module, but had to take it to another shop that has the Ford dyno machine for them to verify that it was the module and to flash the new one to my car.
FYI, unless you can find a independent shop that owns a Ford dyno. machine, you might have to take it to a Ford dealer. Good luck

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