Battery replacement / electrical problems

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Battery replacement / electrical problems

Post by kjschaudt » Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:58 pm

2002 T'bird won't start after battery replacement and extended period of idleness.

Cranks, fires occasionally, but won't run longer than a minute or so. Scanner shows P1237 Powertrain Fuel pump primary circuit malfunction; U1262 Hybrid Electronic Cluster; B1201 Body: REM Fuel sender circuit failure ; and P1641 Fuel Pump Primary circuit failure /Open primary circuit. Shorted primary circuit. This (DTC) may be caused by : Suspect (PCM).

Have had one suggestion from a Cadillac mechanic that I try resetting everything by shorting the disconnected battery cables for 30 seconds.

Could this be a self inflicted wound? From what I've read, ... oblems.htm, disconnecting the battery can cause a many different problems. Anyone know if disconnecting the battery can cause significant problems on this car if the memory is not backed up with external power?



Randy Mattson
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Re: Battery replacement / electrical problems

Post by Randy Mattson » Fri May 06, 2016 3:56 pm

Changing the battery shouldn't create a problem. I've done it with mine and the only "problem" I had was resetting issues with the operations. Sorry to hear about your problems. Does your local Ford dealer have anyone with knowledge of all the electronics?
Good Luck!
Randy Mattson
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