2002 Tbird. Blown spare =No start / weird electrics

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2002 Tbird. Blown spare =No start / weird electrics

Post by kjschaudt » Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:17 pm

Spare tire blew in trunk of 2002 Tbird and the steel cord touched battery terminals. Nothing blew but electrics went wonky. Alarm went off somewhat randomly. Driver side window rolled down when I opened door and wouldn't close. Did start once but ran rough. Battery wouldn't hold charge so I replaced it. Alarm initially sounded when I tried to start car. Driver side window goes down when the door is opened but comes up 1/2 inch short of closed when the door is shut.

With new battery. Engine turns over rapidly. Tried to catch once but now spins and won't fire. Panic alarm has stopped sounding. Window still drops down when I open the door and does not return to full closed. I can move it up with the door open and shut it.

Since the electronics are acting up, I am wondering if this is may be connected to the steel cord thrown about.

- If the car no longer recognizes my keys, would it turn over but not start?
- Is there any easy way to get a shot of starting fluid to where it needs to go?
- What's the easiest way to figure out if the engine is getting fuel? All of the shrouding makes things interesting.
- Any other thoughts or suggestions?



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Re: 2002 Tbird. Blown spare =No start / weird electrics

Post by vince » Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:14 pm

I think you need to take the car to a shop. A problem could be the computer were affected by the short. You could poke around a long time and make little progress if the BCM and/or ECM are wacked.

Good luck.
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Re: 2002 Tbird. Blown spare =No start / weird electrics

Post by bluebird02 » Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:44 am

Taking it to a good electrical mechanic sounds like the correct course of action. Once the battery shorts out due to grounding of the positive side, anything can be causing these issues, shorts in wiring, melted wires, computer is blown, etc. The only way to solve this is finding a very good electrical mechanic that is willing to take some time to track the issues down. I would not be surprised that you have multiple electrical issues. Having a car battery ground out for even a short length of time is not a good thing for the electrical system. Good luck with the problems, hope it is an easy fix.

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